Where are my tickets?

If you are attending an event that has a fee, there are a number of things to keep in mind:

1)   If you paid for the event direct via the socialmonster.com site and your paypal.com account, you will have received an e-mail ticket confirmation. However, your event organizer may be sending a unique ticket or check-in policy via e-mail or other means. Or they may plan to provide entry upon arrival via check-in at the door. See the event description to determine if you should be receiving a ticket and how. We recommend that you print out your ticket purchase receipt and bring with you to the event as a safeguard.

2)  If you are paying for the event at the event, then there is no pre-purchase.

3)  If you paid for the event via an outside link other than socialmonster.com or via payment directions provided by the event organizer, they will be providing direct ticket/entry information. See the event description as to whether an in-hand ticket will be necessary or another means to prove entry such as valid ID at the door.

Keep in mind that events are organized by unique organizers. If you are familiar with a specific organizer, great! But if you are interested in an event hosted by a different organizer, you should expect that they may have different proof of entry policies and practices.

We expect that all events should run smoothly. However, there could be an odd exception. Should the event you paid to attend not occur and the contact information is no longer current, you should immediately contact your payment source for refund. We also request that you inform us of this unlikely situation: support@socialmonster.com.

Also, you need to utilize common sense if the event organizer stipulates that they will utilize check-in at the door without tickets. If you make a purchase, print out a receipt and bring proof of purchase with you to the event either printed out or at the ready on your smartphone. Being ready when you show up will help your overall experience be that much better.