How it works?

(otherwise known as Frequently Asked Questions!)

Q: How much does it cost to join?

A: Social Monster is FREE to join.

Q: Do I have to join?

A: No. You can review Open events and various pages on the site free of charge and without a profile. However, if you want to rsvp for an event or create an event, you will need to create a FREE profile.

Q: Are Open events free of charge?

A: Many are free, yes. Some charge to attend. When you click to look at any event, it will show you pricing.

Q: If any event has a fee, is that paid to Social Monster?

A: No. All event fees are paid direct to the event organizer from your PayPal account or via a means of payment outlined or linked to the organizer. Unless you see Social Monster as the organizer, we have nothing to do with your payment, have no access to it and cannot refund if you cancel or have issues.

Q: Can I post an Open Event?

A: Yes, but you will need to have a profile to do so. Creating a profile is FREE.

Q: How much does it cost to post an Open Event?

A: If your event is FREE, posting is FREE! If you are charging for guests to attend, there is a nominal fee to post one or more Open Events.

Q: Can I post an event that only the people I want to invite can attend?

A: Yes, you will want to select to create a Private Event.

Q: How much does it cost to post a Private Event?

A: There is a nominal 99 cent fee to post a Private Event with under 100 guests. The fee is $4.99 for 100 and over guests.

Q: Can my Private Event have a fee for guests to pay to attend?

A: Yes. Private Events are just like Open Events except that you control the guest list. So you can have free Private Events or assign a fee for guests to pay. Payment can be through your PayPal account direct through or you can outline when/where/how guests are to pay.

Q: Is it okay to wear white shoes after Labor Day?

A: Many will tell you yes, especially in southern states. However, if it snows where you live EVER, the answer is an emphatic NO WHITE SHOES AFTER LABOR DAY. Please refer to cult classic film Serial Mom for point of reference.

Q: When I create an Open or Private Event, am I able to change the details or even cancel it?

A: Yes. You will be able to modify all event details via your Profile Page links.

Q: If I paid Social Monster a fee to post my event but decide to cancel, can I get a refund?

A: No. All event posting fees are non-refundable.

Q: When I rsvp to attend an Open or Private Event, am I able to change my rsvp status?

A: Yes. You will be able to modify your rsvp status via your Profile Page links.

Q: If I paid the event organizer a fee to attend their event and change my mind, can I get a refund?

A: You will have to check with your event’s organizer regarding their refund/cancellation policies.

Q: How reputable are the event organizers on Social Monster?

A: We hope VERY reputable! However, we rely on our members to let us know if there are issues with a specific organizer’s event practices. So if you have a clunky experience, be sure to let us know!

Q: Does Social Monster sell my personal information?

A: NO! We do work with marketing partners on occasion but we will not provide anyone your personal information.

Q: How do I contact Social Monster?

A: via e-mail or call as follows
Atlantic & Eastern time zones: 412-657-7130
Central time zone: 314-395-5580
Mountain & Western time zones: 303-231-9690

We hope that this has provided you with helpful information. If you have any other questions, please contact us. Enjoy Social Monster!