About Us

Founded in 2000, Social Monster began as a membership based events and activities organization. The program would offer up to 30 organized events per month in various markets for members to opt to attend. Events would range from group dinners to going to ball games to taking day trips to going to cultural events. We did this for the first 14 years of Social Monster and it was a fun and rewarding program and approach to getting folks together.

While the program worked well overall, it was limiting in terms of geographic outreach as well as who could attend. Plus, we were consistently approached by outside folks about posting up different events ranging from charity outings to bar parties to group fitness classes. There were only so many events that could be offered monthly that would draw the necessary number of members. So we had to say no a lot of times to what looked like very nice events.

In 2014, as part of an internal company soul searching about who we are, what we do and who we serve, it was decided that we should create a broader platform for our customers. A broader platform would mean we could create more and easier access which would create more opportunities for more people to do more fun things in their area. Broader access opened up geographic possibilities as well as allowing customers to post their own events onto our site.

What you see today is the result of our commitment to opening up fun things to see and do throughout North America. You will still find some events posted/hosted by us in certain markets but more of what you will see are from bars, churches, charitable organizations, sports teams, colleges and universities, etc. and from people just like you who want to invite people just like you to attend their events. Some of these events are free and some of them cost money. Viewing the site is free. Signing up for any free event is free. Posting free events is free. Lots of free access here! No whammies!

Where we do charge fees are only for organizers of paid or private events. For folks who want to invite specific people to their event, perhaps like a birthday or graduation party, there is a 99 cents fee. The 99 cents fee is good to create a Private Event and invite up to 100 guests. Inviting more than 100 guests costs $4.99. These Private Events are closed to the general public and visible only to the folks on the invite list.

Open Events are the ones you see on the socialmonster.com pages when you Browse Events or Search Events by category. Posting an event that is free to attend is free of charge. If there is a fee to attend an event, the organizer chooses either to pay a one time $4.99 fee, a one month unlimited posting access fee of $10.99 or a six month unlimited posting access fee of $30.99.

If you are looking for events to attend and see a fee, note that this fee is set by the organizer and not by socialmonster.com. In fact, many times organizers will stipulate that you pay at the event or will direct you to their own site for direct payment. The organizer may also opt to have attendance fees be paid through their PayPal account directly through socialmonster.com.

The events you see have information provided by the person/company/organization specific to their event. Each organizer will present their terms regarding when the event is occurring, if there is a cost, how a cancellation may occur, any age requirements and other sundry items of importance to that organizer. Each organizer will also provide direct contact information for attendees to reach out to them. 

Since many people ask, Social Monster does not sell member personal information to any outside third party. Event organizers do not have access to member personal information, outside of contact info needed for event communications, unless that member provides it to them directly.

Take a look around and see what you think. This is still a new site and we may still be shaking the tree a bit to get the kinks out. So if you see something a bit wonky or find different steps/searches to turn out to be hinky (these are very technical terms by the way), please send your observations to:   support@socialmonster.com

And with that, we invite you to do exactly what our slogan has been since 2000, "Put the Social Monster to Work for YOU!"   And have some fun people. Have some fun!