Social Monster

Welcome to the NEW Social Monster! We have expanded the concept of offering specific events in certain markets that we organize to opening the site up to events YOU want to attend, organize or promote under a number of different categories. Plus, now when you see events of interest, you can invite your friends to attend ANY event with you!

This new site has been designed to be easier to get around with bigger and brighter calendars, event outlines that pop and event tracking pages making it easy to see how your events are doing. Posting pictures, videos and linking your event to various online tools is now available to you. 

Searching this site is FREE. Putting in an rsvp to a free Open Event is FREE. Yes, ALL FREE OPEN EVENTS are free to attend! When you see an Open Event with a fee, you will be given payment method either to pay at the venue when you attend or pay online via our site or directed to an outside payment source.

Where are there fees to use this site? You ONLY pay to use this site if you post a Private Event or create an Open Event that has a fee. You can create a private party for friends and family for 99 cents. You can create charity event, bar party, church outing, whatever you want and if you are not charging for the event, it is FREE to post. If you are charging for events, you can have payments processed through the site's PayPal gateway direct to your account. There are NO processing fees. There are NO hidden fees. It is all straightforward and simple so that you can best enjoy and utilize the site for maximum enjoyment and return. Pricing for paid event postings ranges from $4.99 for a one time posting to a six month unlimited posting pass for $30.99. Pricing information is found under the HELP links on the front page.

So go out and have fun with browsing, posting and attending events! Go ahead - put Social Monster to work for your fun today!